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  • CARCar Tire
  • Wet GripWet Grip
  • Low Rolling NoiseLow Rolling Noise

A tire designed for compact and medium cars delivering excellent driving comfort and safety; not to mention low fuel consumption and environmental impact. The four internal channels and external escape routes provide optimal performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

  • Engineered for comfort and performance

  • Incredible handling in extreme conditions as a result of the asymmetric pattern

  • Broader shoulder block to improve stability

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Size Load Index Speed Index Overall Diameter Runflat
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195/55R16 91VTick (available in Aus)91V621
195/45R16 84VTick (available in Aus)84V582
195/55R16 87VTick (available in Aus)87V621
195/55R16 87HTick (available in Aus)87H621
195/45R16 84WTick (available in Aus)84W582
195/50R16 88HTick (available in Aus)88H601
195/50R16 88VTick (available in Aus)88V601
205/55R16 94WTick (available in Aus)94W632
205/50R16 91WTick (available in Aus)91W611
205/55R16 91VTick (available in Aus)91V632
205/45R16 87WTick (available in Aus)87W591
205/50R16 91VTick (available in Aus)91V611
215/55R16 97Y97Y643
215/55R16 97VTick (available in Aus)97V643
215/55R16 97WTick (available in Aus)97W643
225/55R16 99WTick (available in Aus)99W654
225/55R16 99Y99Y654
225/55R16 99VTick (available in Aus)99V654
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Tick Marked sizes are available in Australia.