Our History

MOMO’s story began in 1964, thanks to the passion for motorsport and the keen intuition of Gianpiero Moretti, a gentlemen racing driver who became the brand’s founder. In that year, Moretti commissioned a local craftsman to build a custom steering wheel for his race car. This steering wheel, the first ever MOMO steering wheel, had a superior grip compared to other steering wheels available at the time. Other drivers soon noticed Moretti’s new steering wheel and wanted one of their own, and so MOMO, a contraction of Moretti Monza, was born.

Since its inception, MOMO has recorded a number of victories on the most iconic circuits around the world. These prestigious race tracks serve as a unique testing ground for MOMO to further develop technology, quality and safety standards of products designed for both motorsport and road use.

MOMO’s philosophy has always focused on delivering a superior product by combining safety and performance with optimum workmanship and innovatative design. Furthermore, the Italian brand has maintained strong engagement among automotive and motorsport enthusiasts due to a pioneering marketing and communication strategy prevailing in the company throughout its evolution.

Today, capitalising on its fifty years epic battles on the race track, iconic victories and products that left their mark on the automotive marketplace, MOMO offers an innovative range of high performance tires, designed and produced with the most advanced technology.